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The New Parnashala Experience! Culture is deeply rooted in history and mythology. Religious beliefs have unique stories behind them. Think about the Vatican, or perhaps the story of Jerusalem. If you explore narratives closer to home, look at Kedarnath, or Tirupati down south. Each place has its own story. While the tales of mischievous little Krishna delight people all over the world, Stories of Goddess Durga speak of strength and bravery. India, known for its rich culture and heritage, is also home to endless narratives and folk tales.

Faith Tourism has always been close to the hearts of many believers, both in India and abroad. Covid-19 has led to the shutting down of many museums and knowledge hubs that have been important assets to the government and our country. We, at Ebani, have a beautiful solution to utilize the cultural and artistic assets of our country in a safe and innovative way – Digital Storytelling!

In a world where we are being engulfed by the digital revolution, why don’t we make the most of innovation and technology by using it to tell stories! After all, folklores and mythology are an important part of our cultural assets too! Parnashala – A story that needs to be told!

Parnashala, a village 32 km away from the temple town of Bhadrachalam (a popular place of pilgrimage in the Khammam district of Telangana), is said to have been home to Lord Rama during a few years of his exile. It is said that Sita’s abduction happened there and is, therefore, an important tourist destination. Digital storytelling paves the way to quick and effective communication. Wondering how? Say hello to the power of AR!

Augmented reality, by definition, ‘augments’ the reality that you experience. It enhances the experience. Through AR /VR our aim is to create a one-of-a-kind museum, a learning hub that can reach out to a global audience that comes from different walks of life, making the process of storytelling easily accessible and more engaging. Advanced Augmented Reality software designs today can give you an immersive experience and bring the devotee closer to God, quite literally! Enjoy the feeling of being there, with Rama and Sita, experience the thrill of not just watching, but being a part of the story! Here’s what we are looking at:

  • 1. Augmented Reality 3D character customization – This will help the audience build personal bonds with the characters
  • 2. Provision of video recording and Face Book integration – This will allow the audience to record their AR experience with the characters and share them with friends through social media.
  • 3. A virtual walk through the Ramayana - A quick and immersive way of storytelling, making use of latest technology and keeping you entertained.

Connect the past with the present and bridge the gap between religion and technology through the complete Augmented Reality experience!

Our Role

Ebani’s role for this project is absolutely the creation of this unique experience a reality. The client, in this case, the Government of Telangana, gave us a free hand to identity an asset that can be act as a catalyst to help in the socio-economic development. Post enough research, we identified the rich heritage storyline of the ‘Ramayana’ that is deeply rooted to Hindu faith. India has over 1 billion of its citizens following Hinduism. Faith tourism as seen in many countries propels unity and growth. Thus, was created India’s first and only Augmented Reality Museum in the faith, legacy and heritage space. All aspects pertaining to this project are ready to be deployed at the ground level. Due to the pandemic scenario, we have been requested to hold on until the situation eases and the government feels it’s okay to launch as this is sure to garner great public interest.

Story Board

Character Design

Character Developments

Set Design

Character Animation

Character 2D Composition Finalisation

Character VR Composition Finalisation